Our Story

Jyoti has spent much time traversing the world and in 2014 came to her family's home town with a vision of creating a space where she could translate her experiences onto the plate.

The food is fresh, local, wholesome, and is made with love to nourish the soul. It varies from vegetarian to vegan, and there are a bunch of gluten-free options. 
The coffee is roasted locally by the boys at Monastry and the beans are organic and fairtrade. We have house-roasted cold brew, feature T2 Tea, and hand make our own chai.

There are beautiful smoothies, juices (including cold pressed) and house-made chutneys & jams.

We even make our own almond, brasil & cashew nut mylk!

From humble beginnings growing up in a rainforest in Tasmania, to living in Sydney and then 10 years in Melbourne, Jyoti has accumulated 20 years of hospitality experience ranging from owning night clubs to running cafes and bars to coordinating events.

 Jack came into Pollen over 2 years ago now after swinging drinks and getting people {very} merry all over melbourne and adelaide. He has worked in heaps of high end restaurants & boutique bars and the occasional local pub.. he always has good stories to tell. He also makes a killer coffee.

We also got married earlier this year! Yay!! ~ and are super excited to share our space with you!!

"Welcome to our living room" we honestly hope you love it as much as we do!

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