Pollen 185

*something lunchy

 (morning until 12 – 3)

zucchini bruschetta (v / gfo)  $15.50

zucchini ribbons, lightly fried - with our original fauxcado, basil oil & blanched broad beans.

i was once a rainbow tart// bruschetta // (v / gfo)  $16.5

layers of hummus, roast pumpkin, and beetroot with our house pesto atop a sour dough base. – with mustard dressing side salad.

(try it with feta or cashew cheese! +4)

raw zucchini //i am not// pasta (v / gf)  $16.5

ribbons of zucchini with a white bean and herb sauce, kalamata olives, heirloom tomatoes, pine nuts and tamari pepitas.

PASTA of Day (v / gfo) $17.5

Bowl of amazingness. Ask or check the board for the dealio.


No regret // warm tahini kale salad (v / gf)  $16.5

lightly fried kale and seasonal vegetables & walnuts in a super tasty tahini & miso dressing.

toasted sour dough  $6.50

Honey & Bee Pollen or Aussie Mite (vegan, aussie made & owned) or Pollen made raspberry & chia jam (Its my jam!)

Pollen 185 salad bowl (v / gf)  $15

Harrissa fried chickpeas, grated beetroot, carrot & cucumber.

Fresh sweet corn off the cob, coriander & our original Fauxcado with a roast capsicum & coyo dressing.

(try it with a sous vide egg +$4)

go crazy – add these to any dish $4

Sauteed Mushrooms (vo)  / Feta / Fresh Heirloom tomatoes

Cashew cheese / Egg (fried or sous vide) / Harissa chickpeas / Avocado / Brie (dairy) / gluten free bread $3

 choose your own adventure – starts at $4+


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