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Pollen 185

*we believe that Sundays are for brunch

 // 9am - 2pm //

herb trio of mushrooms (vo / gfo) $19

Herbs! Lots!!, mushrooms, then (choose) butter / nutalex // & sea blight piled atop toasted sour dough

smashed avocado & cashew cheese / feta (v / gfo)  $18.5

Avocado mint smash, served on sour dough with either our house made cashew cheese or feta, with pine nuts, basil & grapefruit oil.

baked eggs $16.5

Eggs snuggled in our gloriously rich Napoli sauce baked with white beans & herbs.

Topped with manchego & Danish feta. – With sour dough for dipping and dunking.

shrooms & beans (v / gfo) $17.5

shredded local oyster mushrooms, on a mattress of white beans, rich napoli sauce, with a spinach & béchamel sauce & basil pesto.

 – With sour dough for dipping and dunking.

vegan scramble (v / gfo / soy free)  $19.50

Pollen made Burmese tofu (chickpea flour) with spinach, harissa fried chickpeas & heirloom tomatoes – Served on toasted sour dough.

(You want to add avocado!) 

green eggs i am (gfo)  $15.5

Scrambled eggs with spinach, snuggled up in a warm wrap with our tangy jalapeno & banana sauce 

bruschetta – the italian stallion (vo / gfo)  $16

Heirloom tomatoes, olives, feta, Pollen pesto, pine nuts.

yes!! to add a fried egg!!

go crazy – add these to any dish $4

sauteed herby mushrooms (vo)  / danish feta / fresh heirloom tomatoes

cashew cheese / maple, smokey roasted pumpkin / harissa chickpeas / smashed avocado / poached beetroot puree / mushroom pate / hummus

eegies!! butter herby scrambled ($8) fried ($4) sous vide // like a hard boiled with no shell // ($4) 

 choose your own adventure – starts at $4+

gluten free bread $3

orange & quinoa bircher $14 (v/gf)

quinoa flake bircher soaked in orange juice with raw carrot cake fruit & coyo

chia & coconut, rice milk pudding (v / gf) $12

layers of raspberry & matcha chia pudding topped with dried & amp; fresh fruits, granola.

pollens house granola (v) $12

our house made fig, pecan, almond, hazelnut & ginger goodness. with coconut milk, coyo & seasonal fruits.

(we make a truly awesome gluten free granola too +$2.00)

toasted sour dough $6.50

Honey & Bee Pollen or Aussie Mite (vegan, aussie made & owned) or Pollen made jam (Its my jam!)


*we invite you to eat heaven..

French Toast (VO/GFO) $16.50

Sweet // pollen made strawberry conserve, coyo, fresh fruit

Savoury // roast maple smokey pumpkin, beetroot puree, chunky almond basil pesto,

*toppings may vary slightly with seasonal changes